Kerala Administrative Tribunal

 Honorable High Court of Kerala notified that due to the constitution of Kerala Administrative Tribunal, the filing section High Court of Kerala will not receive files pertaining to service matters of State Govt: employees and teachers. All service cases should be routed to Kerala Administrative Tribunal.

* Appointment Order of KAT
* KAT (Finance & Administrative Powers) Rules
* KAT Staff (Conditions of service) Rules
* KAT (Procedure Rules) 
* Establishment of Branch Office
* Enhancement of Strength of Tribunal
* Places of Principal & Additional Bench
* Creation of Posts


Guru said...

HAi Sir ,

I desperately need to get Kerala Administrative Tribunal order number related with HSA Physical Science. I Got a memo from PSC office mentioning that they will remove me from the Rank List of HSA Physical Science because of not studying Chemistry as a supplementary subject in my BSc. Course. They sent me such a notification because of the ORder from Kerala Administrative Tribunal. What is that order. How can I contact the office. Please reply me as soon as possible. I have to reply within 15 days of the letter from PSC.

Aneesh Tirur said...

Office Adress
Old Collectorate
Vanchiyoor P. O.
Office: 0471- 2574012,2573022
Sri. T. V. Anil Kumar
Office: 0471- 2574022
Mobile: 9446854747
Sri. E. S. Johnson
Deputy Registrar (Administration)
Office: 0471- 2574099
Mobile: 9995367734
Sri. Basheer Ahamed
Deputy Registrar (Finance) Office: 0471- 2574011
Sri. Sarath Chandran
Deputy Registrar (Judicial) Office: 0471- 2574066

sadananda naik said...

This query is regarding Kerala Education Rules ( K E R ). I Smt. Sreedevi , appointed as lower primary school assistant ( L P S A ) in primary section and another teacher Smt. Rekha upper primary school assistant ( U P S A )in upper primary section,( after her appointment she thrown out from the service for about five months and reappointed as substitute in a 5 year leave vacancy) both under same management and I am senior to Smt. Rekha. In the year 2009-2010 a division fall occurred in our primary section due to lack of pupils. At that time, to protect the senior on the common seniority basis the school manager transferred me to upper primary section and relived Smt.Rekha. But Smt. Rekha filed a writ showing several judgments that after the year 2000 there is separate seniority for LPSA and UPSA, so the posts are not inter changeable so transfer is not allowed, so the junior most from LP section should be relived. The court allowed the writ and the appeal also rejected so the manager relieved me. Now the factual is that when a retirement vacancy created in primary section, the manager transferred an UPSA who was TTC holder, to LP section as LPSA who is senior to me and Smt. Rekha was appointed in that transfer vacancy in the UP section because she is a B Ed. Holder and can teach only UP section. (but TTC holders can teach both sections) So, as per smt. Rekha’s argument and previous court orders if, transfer is not allowed, her appointment is also totally wrong. At the time of appointment she did not speak the rules, and after that she speaks about the rules to protect herself and continues till now in an unauthorized post. At the time of filing the case, she filed wrong affidavit also i.e.; at the time of dispute, she was working as leave substitute,( as substitute can not claim 1: 40 protection} but filed as working in permanent post continuously . So can I reopen the case and file a petition in the tribunal against her appointment and the claim made for the 1: 40 protection post, if not please tell me how to proceed in this matter ( the appeal also rejected and now one and half years over, at the time of argument the evidences against her was not available with us)
Hope that you will answer my question.
Thanking you,